The aim of the project is to strengthen support for persons at risk of social exclusion in the community by supporting community social services, improving the quality of social work, strengthening the role of local authorities, developing the quality of social services and streamlining the tools of system management of the Social Services Network.
Key project activities:
  • The creation of the Strategy for the Development of Availability and Quality of Social Services in the Hradec Králové Region Provided in the  Community
  • Support of the development of community social services through education and sharing experience
  • Preparation of the Social Care Institute Hořice for the provision of community services
  • Creation of analytical source documents for planning social services within the territory of municipalities with extended powers Hořice, Dvůr Králové nad Labem, Trutnov and Nová Paka, support of public awareness within the territory of the municipalities with extended powers Trutnov and Nová Paka
  • Support of the process of planning social services within the territory of municipality with extended powers Jičín
  • Setting the process of social work in municipalities
  • Support of the professionalization of social work with individuals and families at risk of social exclusion at the regional and municipal level
  • Management system of the Social Services Network in the Hradec Králové Region and coordination of its funding
  • Raising awareness to support the functioning of the system of planning and financing the Social Services Network of the Hradec Králové Region
  • Long-term consultation for the development of quality of social services

Právní odpovědnost poskytovatelů sociálních služeb 26. 3. 2014

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