We provide system solutions for the development of innovations and research support in the Hradec Králové Region. We provide support to companies, schools and research organizations in the field of science, research and innovation. We monitor and support all entities operating in this field through education and interconnection. We cooperate with national and international entities, for which progress comes first.


  • Strengthen the innovation potential of the region

  • Prepare the region for future challenges
  • One place dedicated to supporting science, research and innovation
The Innovation Department focuses on supporting research and innovation in the region.

A team of developers, innovators and project managers, led by Ing. Daniela Antropiusová devotes itself to the preparation of the Hradec Králové Region for the EU 2021+ programming period in the context of research, development and innovation, which are important topics for maintaining and increasing the competitiveness of the EU and its regions.

The main activities include updating the Regional Innovation Strategy of the Hradec Králové Region until 2027; elaboration of a comprehensive study of progressive branches of the Hradec Králové Region in the field of research, development and innovation. One of the areas that the Innovation Department focuses on is entrepreneurship. Among other things, the department operates a Consultation Point for Strengthening the Region's Competitiveness and for the Development of the Innovation Environment or the Regional Center for Social Entrepreneurship Support.

  • We apply the principles of smart specialization (RIS3) in the region
  • We process strategic and conceptual documents
  • We connect the research and corporate spheres
  • We map the research and business environment of the region
  • We promote the results of research and innovation
  • We mediate international cooperation
  • We advise on financing research, development and innovation
  • We present the region as a place suitable for investment
  • We analyze the regional labor market
  • In cooperation with other key players, we implement activities to eliminate regional and sectoral disparities in the labor market and create new job opportunities

  • We are developing the area of social entrepreneurship in the Hradec Králové Region through consultations, networking activities of the educational center and European projects