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Regiocentrum Nový pivovar
Evropský dům
Soukenická 54
500 03 Hradec Králové
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Public procurement and central purchasing for the Hradec Králové Region and its organizations

We carry out central purchases for the Hradec Králové Region and its contributory organizations or trading companies, i.e. approximately 140 organizations throughout the region. These are secondary schools and school facilities, special schools and kindergartens, retirement homes and social care institutions, cultural and medical facilities, zoos and road administration and maintenance. Unification and centralization of purchases of certain commodities is one of the ways how to reduce the cost of materials and services. 
In addition to central purchasing, we also provide support to regional organizations in the field of public procurement and the administration of contracting authority profiles As part of our activities, we consult and prepare tender documentation with the contracting authority and administer public contracts.


  • Use of electronization and modern approaches in the public procurement process

  • Realization of savings in public procurement
  • Transparent and non-discriminatory public procurement process
  • High quality and expertise in public procurement
Mgr. Pavel Voženílek 
Public Procurement Department  

The team of Mgr. Pavel Voženílek collects documents and requirements of individual contributory organizations and the regional office for the purchase of commodities by the central contracting authority. It also implements procurement procedures and, last but not least, provides professional recommendations and consultations to streamline purchasing processes. It is the administrator of the electronic tool E-ZAK, which contains the profiles of the contracting authority of all organizations in the Hradec Králové Region. It performs public procurement administration.

  • Organizing, providing advice, administration of public procurement and tenders

  • Providing central purchasing for the Hradec Králové Region, contributory organizations and trading companies
  • EZAK electronic tool management
  • Providing advice on personal data protection - providing GDPR services
  • Providing legal advice, publication in the register of contracts, etc.

Contacts Public Procurement Department



 Profiles of contracting authorities of the Hradec Králové Region (E-ZAK)

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Regiocentrum Nový pivovar, Evropský dům, Soukenická 54, 500 03 Hradec Králové, telefon: + 420 495 817 802, mobil: + 420 725 506 842, e-mail:
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