Turkish delegation visited Hradec Králové

Turkish delegation visited Czech republic on 9. – 13. 11. 2015. International Advisory Centre for Municipalities organised this event. Centre for Investment, Development and Inovation, Hradec Králové City and Technology Centre Hradec Králové contributed to interesting programme too.

Turkish colleagues, mainly persons from ministry higher positions, were acquainted with the instrument of territorial development, which enable efficient, transparent and simple administrative implementation of territory strategy. This instrument is called ITI and it is certain growth and development pole of agglomeration of Hradec Králové – Pardubice. Turkish delegation was interested in the issue of strategic planning and all their questions were answered very willingly.

Next block was focused on issues of public funding with emphasis on the project realization Digital planetarium in Hradec Králové. Turkish visitors were acquainted with the preparing proces, the project realization and sustainability, with emphasis on the difficulties of public funding of investment projects in Czech republic. This panel discussion had very positive response too, not only because of its topic of science popularization, but because of administrative and physical realization of this project.

Afternoon Turkish delegation visited Technology Centre Hradec Králové and other specialized lectures. The purpose of Turkish visit came true and it was very beneficial for them.

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