Smart region

Fewer kilometres travelled by cars, a green corridors, lower power expenses or an ensuring necessary information in real time. We have known these results of various smart solutions long time yet. The basis of successful implementation so called Smart Cities, or intelligent cities and regions, is specific conception, if we want to implement modern technology and smart solutions. A systematic coordination can assist with cooperation in region, which treats limited resources.

The smart solutions are not only seasonal issue, nor short-term trend. On the grounds of this fact, Regional development agency (CIRI), Královéhradecký region and Hradec Králové City begin to develop new activities in this field. This activities should bring some opportunities for realization of concrete solutions. The municipalities in Královéhradecký region are included into this activities. This municipalities defines their needs, which could be solved through smart technologies. The smart region can contribute to improving of environment, possibility to acquire financial means usable to projects focused on sustaineble traffic, emission decreasing and new technology support.

Nevertheless above described solutions are not a first step in the field of Internet of Things on the side of public sector in our region. Hradec Králové City is engaged in this themes, it is entered in the realization of Smart City concept. Except the project preparing, Hradec Králové City is preparing the conception, which delineates next advancement in the key areas (i.e. the traffic, the power engineering and the connectivity). Region conference „Smart region – the opportunity for cities and municipalities“ is going to be realized on 19. 10. 2016 in Nové Adalbertinum in Hradec Králové and it is going to be focused on smart solutions issues.

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