Survey of the business environment in the Hradec Králové Region

The Centre for Investment, Development and Innovation has long been involved with the comprehensive development of the regional research and innovation system. As part of these activities, field research was initiated among business entities in the Hradec Králové Region with the objective of mapping its research and innovation activities, export links, cooperating entities, human resources management and position in value chains.
The survey follow up on an already completed questionnaire survey on absorption capacity of regional players in the Hradec Králové Region in the context of preparations for the new EU programming period 2014+. In terms of the business sphere, conclusions of the survey show an emphasis of potential contracting authorities on the support of fields of technical and natural sciences, the development of business in tourism, the adaptability of the workforce and the creation of an environment for start-ups.
Feedback from entrepreneurs in the region will be used for updating the Regional Innovation Strategy and developing the Investment, Development and Innovation Platform of the Hradec Králové Region. Ongoing information is available at
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