Central procurement of mobile telecommunication services for the Hradec Králové Region and its organizations.

On Monday 7.10.2013 an electronic auction was held in which the Hradec Králové Region purchased mobile telecommunication services for contributory organizations it has established and founded businesses, for the period 2014 – 2015. Compared to the previous purchase, the price will be lower by more than CZK 4,500,000.
First it was necessary to perform an audit of services purchased from mobile phone operators. The task of conducting the audit and administration of the entire central procurement and public contract was delegated to EP Centre, Shared Services Centre, which analyzed the current status of rendered services and could thus precisely determine individual criteria of the electronic auction. Roughly 4,000 sim cards were examined that are held by organizations across the entire region. Requirements on the use of flat rate tariffs, SMS, mobile data services and international calls were then added to the evaluation criteria. There were a total of  26 sub-criteria. As expected, 3 candidates participated in the auction, who competed relentlessly for the delivery of services to the Hradec Králové Region.
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