The aim of the project is to improve the quality of human resources and to apply modern methods leading to more effective use within the scope of the Regional Authority of the Hradec Králové Region. Individual activities of the project are directed towards increasing the awareness of the region’s tourist attractions with the objective of providing potential visitors a comprehensive overview thereof, and thus increase the number of tourists who visit the region
Project activities:
  • Implementation of a common data storage and information system in the  Hradec Králové Region
  • Targeting the promotion of tourism attractions at Polish, German and Russian clientele
  • Processing maps for handicapped visitors
  • Creation of representative publications about the  Hradec Králové Region
  • Presentation of the Hradec Králové Region at domestic fairs
  • Statistical surveys and monitoring
  • Development of the Marketing Strategy for the Hradec Králové Region for 2011–2013 z in terms of tourism
  • Media campaign
  • Completion of promotional items
  • Meeting of information centre employees
  • Exhibition system and presentations – The Life and Works of František Kupka
Presentation event – Life and Works of František Kupka
Meeting of tourist information centres
Presentation event
Presentation at the Grand Prix of the Hradec Králové Region